Why should Property Developers crowdfund equity

Why should Property Developers crowdfund equity ?

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Why should Property Developers crowdfund equity ? As internet based crowdfunding platforms like CrowdWithUs, Propnology and Homegrown gain traction by accumulating committed communities of investors, they are beginning to challenge traditional forms of equity for property development projects such as family offices and private equity funds. Traditionally equity investments in property development projects have been […]

The Main Thing

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In The Main Thing, our Founder and CEO, Evan Maindonald talks about Property and interviews interesting people he meets. He also covers Investing, Wine, Wirehaired Viszlas and documents his life as an entrepreneur and CEO of MELT Homes. Check out the channel or subscribe to The Main Thing on Youtube by clicking here.

Structuring and delivering inspiring, profitable Property Development Projects

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Since I founded MELT Homes in 2002, we’ve built over 100 properties in London, Gloucestershire and Kent with a total value of over £22m. We’ve also accumulated an investment property portfolio of over 50 residential and commercial properties. The projects we’re currently working on have end values of around £50m and we have crowdfunded around […]

Small HMO Conversion Strategy

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Evan Maindonald, our founder and CEO, presenting on Property Question time with Rick Gannon and Stephen Galpin. In this excerpt, Evan talks about a strategy which can be used to convert houses to small HMO’s and thereby enhance property value and rental returns. To see the whole episode, visit Property TV on Vimeo by clicking […]

Let’s get SPECIFIC

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Development is detail. Let’s get SPECIFIC. I’m going to cover some of the processes which underpin our approach to property development. In the same way that every building requires a solid foundation on which it stands, successfully delivering developments requires a solid foundation to stand on. In 2002, I founded MELT Homes, a property development […]

Design Led Development

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In an increasingly complex and competitive property market in the UK, investors, developers and lenders share a common challenge. Finding projects in which they can safely and profitably invest their money and time. A growing demand for housing combined with a planning system that constrains the availability of new development sites has resulted in insufficient […]